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What I Learned During My First Semester of Medical School

Victoria Lu First Year Medical Student

Yesterday I received my final anatomy practical grade, and I have to admit… I’m pretty damn proud of myself. There are few things that feel better than receiving a well-deserved 98% on an exam you studied your ass off for. Conversely, there are few things that feel worse than receiving a 79% on an exam you know you could have studied harder for. During my first semester of medical school, I experienced both of these scenarios, and although the 79% sucked, it taught…

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The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest


Do you want to know the truth about cancer? I certainly do. Last week, I heard about a documentary series called “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest” from Organic Olivia, one of my favorite health blogs. If you read my personal statement, you know that cancer has always been a field of research that has been near and dear to my heart. It is such an interesting, complex disease and is one of the greatest medical mysteries of all…

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Why Medicine: My Medical School Application Personal Statement


In a few months, I’ll be starting a new chapter in my life as I begin medical school. One of the reasons I created this blog was to document my upcoming journey and to keep my family and friends updated on the chaos to come. As my first “Science & Medicine” post, it’s only fitting that I post my personal statement. This was a HUGE deal for me and the final version posted below is probably the 11th or 12th…

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