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What I Learned During My First Semester of Medical School

Victoria Lu First Year Medical Student

Yesterday I received my final anatomy practical grade, and I have to admit… I’m pretty damn proud of myself. There are few things that feel better than receiving a well-deserved 98% on an exam you studied your ass off for. Conversely, there are few things that feel worse than receiving a 79% on an exam you know you could have studied harder for. During my first semester of medical school, I experienced both of these scenarios, and although the 79% sucked, it taught…

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Introducing Med School Meals


I’m so excited to introduce a new series on my blog called “Med School Meals” in which I’ll be posting quick and easy recipes that anyone with an extremely busy lifestyle (e.g. medical students) should always have in their back pocket. My first 3 months (omg has it already been 3 months?!) of school have proven to be the busiest time of my life. Between a full day of classes and labs, commuting back and forth to campus, and non-stop studying, I have…

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