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My first blog post. Hell, my first blog! Starting a blog has been on my to do list for years, but it wasn’t until about a month ago that I actually decided to take some action. I finally stopped procrastinating and decided to bite the bullet. So here goes nothing…

I think I say this every year but where did the time go?! As I get older, time seems to pass by faster and faster. When I was a kid, I remember thinking that time passed by so slowly. Waiting for summer vacation or my birthday or Christmas felt like eternity. My mom always told me that a minute spent doing something fun will always be shorter than a minute spent with your hand in a pot of boiling water. Guess I’m having the time of my life these days.

2015 was an incredible year. I got accepted to medical school, completed one year at my first big girl job, celebrated a ten year anniversary with my boyfriend, and maybe most importantly got my eyebrows threaded for the first time (totally life changing). I watched Andrew (said boyfriend) graduate from college, sent my little sister off to college, and tried to convince her to pull a Parent Trap switch so that I could relive my glory days. No chance.

Me wearing scrubs that actually fit

Beautiful sunset at Chelsea Piers

My boyfriend and me at his college graduation

My sister and me at her high school graduation

As great as 2015 was, I know that 2016 will be that much better. I usually come up with a few New Year’s resolutions, but this time I’m putting them out there in hopes of being held accountable.


Drinking 8 cups of water is such a challenge for me. I usually just forget throughout the day until it’s too late and my tongue feels like sand paper. At that point I usually start to chug water like a camel. My cousin bought me one of those jumbo 24 oz. Starbucks tumblers and I’ve been using it at work to keep myself hydrated. I can’t tell you how many times a day someone passes my desk and says “Whoa, that’s a lot of water!” One guy always jokes that he thinks I’ve been secretly chugging vodka.


I’ll admit, I’m sometimes guilty of getting super excited about some project, obsessing over it for a couple months, then losing interest and abandoning it for something else. Not this time. Weekly blog posts to come!


This is actually a mutual resolution between Andrew and me. No more “What do you want to do for dinner?” “I don’t know. What do YOU want to do for dinner?” NOPE. Not happening. (My answer is going to be half-priced sushi every time.)


Have you ever found yourself having negative thoughts for absolutely no reason? I’ve found myself riding the subway to work, already in a bad mood because I’m running late, and starting to judge the people sitting in front of me. Lady, whyyyy are you yelling? Does your phone really need to be on speaker? It’s 7:30am (Okay fine it’s 8. I’m really late.) and definitely too early for me to be hearing about the fight your son got into at school. I eavesdrop. So what? Anyways, in 2016 I’m making a conscious effort to stop having negative thoughts. I’m going to make the best of any situation and to be more empathetic and understanding of others.


This is probably one of my worst habits. I purposely set my alarm half an hour earlier just so I can hit the snooze button a couple times. I know those extra few minutes of sleep aren’t really helping me, but it’s like my bed just sucks me in and I can’t escape. I’m currently trying the weaning method. Instead of snoozing three times, I’ve only been snoozing twice every morning. Next week I’ll cut it to one and the week after, adios snooze button.

So there you have it. Bring it on 2016.

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