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December 2016

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Making Sustainable New Year’s Resolutions


I say this every year, but I’m going to say it again. Where does the time go?! It feels like just yesterday I was making my 2016 resolutions, and today I’m getting ready to ring in 2017. Today I have a guest post by Brandon Caraballosa, RD, CPT. Brandon is a graduate of Long Island University’s Bachelor of Science in Nutrition DPD Program and successfully completed his Dietetic internship at James J. Peters VA Medical Center. He is currently a…

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What I Learned During My First Semester of Medical School

Victoria Lu First Year Medical Student

Yesterday I received my final anatomy practical grade, and I have to admit… I’m pretty damn proud of myself. There are few things that feel better than receiving a well-deserved 98% on an exam you studied your ass off for. Conversely, there are few things that feel worse than receiving a 79% on an exam you know you could have studied harder for. During my first semester of medical school, I experienced both of these scenarios, and although the 79% sucked, it taught…

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